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Regarding Mass Registration at St. Ignatius Church from August 2020

Due to the continuous increase in the number of coronavirus infections in Tokyo, Archbishop Kikuchi has sent new directives this month of August. He shows great concern that no positive cases will come out from church communities.

Only those who have registered online will be admitted. From now on “walk-ins” will not be admitted.

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Foreign Language Masses





Sundays 12:00 English Main Chapel 
12:30 Portuguese St. Mary's Chapel (Only 1st. Sunday of the month)
13:30 Spanish Main Chapel
15:00 Vietnamese Main Chapel (Only 1st. & 3rd. Sundays of the month)
16:00 Polish St. Mary's Chapel (Only 1st. Sunday of the month)
16:00 Indonesian (Xaviex Chapel)  (Only 1st. Sunday of the month)
16:30 Indonesian (Our Ladys Chapel)  (Only 3rd. Sunday of the month)




Weekend Masses in Japanese

Weekend Masses



Saturday 18:00 Main Chapel  
Sundays 07:00   
18:00  * 1st Sunday of the Month (Folk Mass) 




Weekdays Masses in Japanese

Weekdays Masses



Weekdays 07:00  Main Chapel


Pope’s Prayer Intention for August: The Maritime World

We pray for all those who work and live from the sea, among them sailors, fishermen and their families.

Mission 2030 Prayer Intention, August 2020

Together with all people we pray for peace.
Lord, may we reject discrimination, prejudice and division that threaten peace.
Hand in hand with others and with compassion, may we put peace into action.

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