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Living the Gospel


March 17th, the John de Britto English Center at St. Ignatius Church had a Plenary Meeting of all its active Ministry groups. Presiding over the meeting was the TEAM of Coordinators - Fr. Chiesa, Sr. Flor, Sr. Rose and Sr. Leny, (Adelfa was absent), who along with twenty-five attendee-volunteers were delighted to have the Church’s Pastor, Fr. Hanafusa staying throughout. The purpose of this meeting was to provide an opportunity for the various groups to present their evaluation reports on a recently posed questionnaire prepared by the Team seeking feedback on the experiences, progress and areas for improvement within their ministries. The questionnaire was to provide an overview of the current status in the International community of the Mission 2030 Program at St. Ignatius Church


The International Groups and Ministries at St. Ignatius Church


Church-goers at St. Ignatius might be surprised to learn that there are thirteen active ministries/groups in the John de Britto Center: the Altar Servers, the ‘Angels’ Group, ‘Come and See’ Group, the Coffee Welcome Ministry, the English Choir, the Eucharistic Ministry, the Faith Formation Group, the Faith Sharing Group, the Lectors and Readers Group, the Media Team, the Praise and Worship Group, the Ushers Group and the Youth Ministry.

In a questionnaire prepared by the Team of Coordinators, each group was asked to reflect, pray and share their answers to the following questions:

  1. How did your group concretely live-out the Mission 2030 Apostolic Plan (AP) #2’s theme: “Spreading the Gospel”?
  2. In your ministry/group, what are you happy and thankful of?
  3. As a group, do you think there are still points to work out for your improvement?

A representative of each group was asked to share in the Assembly the summary of their answers. What ensued was the clear image of a tapestry of vibrant activities being carried on within St. Ignatius Church. Attendees were able to learn of the positive impact being made thru these ministries in the spiritual and temporal life of persons and how this impact is directed towards strengthening a greater awakened and vitalizing relationship with God.

Each representative also discussed issues which need to be overcome in the year ahead, detailing the encountered challenges and difficulties. This was followed with an outline of suggestions and activities to overcome these challenges. Future editions of the St. Ignatius Church Bulletin will feature these reports so readers could savor the richness and depth of their sharing.

The reaction of one attendee, participating for the first time in the meeting (usually held on the third Sunday of every month) was interesting. He indicated that he was “really surprised and overwhelmed by a very big community” at St. Ignatius Church. This indeed is a noteworthy description, yet with two perspectives. On the one hand, those people participating, perhaps may not realize this so much, being so actively involved in their respective group issues, while those that do see this are perhaps, those who are still not involved in the active community life of St. Ignatius Church. This reminds us that the ministry groups are not only to be aware inwardly of their own ministries but, equally as important, to be outwardly aware of inviting and encouraging new members of the Church parish and beyond, to join them in actively “Spreading the Gospel” to others. Everyone is indeed welcome to join these ministries/groups. Please ask any Church staff or drop-by the English Center for more information.


by Neil Day



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