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Announcements From Pastor (May 2021)


April 24, 2021


In spite of the fact that it is still the season of the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, we are faced with a third emergency declaration (in Tokyo area) which will come in effect from April 25(Sun). This time the emergency declaration calls for stricter measures such as events needs to be held without spectators, large commercial facilities to be closed and restrictions on movement across prefectures, etc. The Archbishop of Tokyo also has issued directives which call to restrict travel between prefectures. As we know, many people from prefectures and cities outside Tokyo visit St. Ignatius parish often. Large-scale facilities and gathering places also have been requested to be closed. Having considered all these factors we have decided to fully cooperate with these measures to lower the pandemic infection rates.


  1. Regarding Mass

    • All public Masses will be cancelled starting from April 26(Mon). All are encouraged to attend the online Mass on Sundays. The special Mass of St. Joseph, scheduled on May 1(Sat) also will not be open to the public, but will be livestreamed.
    • All Masses on weekdays and Benediction services are cancelled from April 26(Mon). However, special liturgies, such as funeral Masses will be held after taking adequate measures to control infectious diseases.
    • Regarding the Masses on April 25(Sun), given the difficulty of cancelling them in a short notice, all Masses will take place as usual.
  2. Regarding Activities

    • All face to face activities, meetings and gatherings are requested to be either cancelled or moved to the online platforms.
    • Essential activities, including the service to the poor people will be continued. Especially the free counseling program aimed mainly for foreign workers will take place on May 3(Mon) and May 5(Wed) as planned. Various social work groups and the St. Ignatius International Youth Ministry(SIIYM) will assist in executing this program. Please inform about this program to people around you who are in struggling situations due to lockdowns and other pandemic related issues.
    • The church premises will be closed at 8 pm.
  3. Regarding Resuming the Mass and other Activities

    • The decision to resume public Masses and other activities will be taken based on the easing of the current emergency declaration.

In spite of the aforementioned decisions which demand some sacrifices, all are encouraged to cooperate so that together we can bring down the corona infection rates. The Mass of St. Joseph on May 1(Sat) at 12 pm will take place as scheduled. Besides May is the month of Mary, the mother of God. Let us pray that we may be able to overcome this difficult time thorough the intercession of St. Joseph and St. Mary.   


Fr.Ryuichiro Hanafusa SJ
Pastor, St. Ignatius parish, Kojimachi, Tokyo



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